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Canbius Cité des Arts Saint-Denis Réunion canettes upcycling art déchets
Canbius FRAC Saint-Leu Réunion canettes upcycling art déchets

Canbius, 2020 - cans on tarpaulin, plywood frame - 2.52mx 1.44m

On May 25, at the end of the confinement, Canbius made its first outing. He left the Cité des Arts in Saint-Denis (Reunion) and went to the FRAC in Saint-Leu.
Judy & Blue Wings manifest in Saint-Denis (Reunion) - may 11, 2020
Judy & Blue Wings manifest in Saint-Gilles(Reunion) may 16-17, 2020

When the French are done with confinement, CanB's butterflies wanted to get out of their pupae to express their concern. Will Human resume as before or did the lesson carry?


Without knowing precisely how the Covid 19 could reach us, how can we not ask the question: Would this have happened "if 60% of the biodiversity had not disappeared in 40 years?", "If the average temperatures hadn't already increased by 1 ° C in 1 century? "," If there was not massive deforestation on a global level? ", etc.

Will we still have to face other disasters and other confinements and for how long? ... Up to the one that will take us all away?

The question of our lifestyle change is clearly posed.

Political decisions are necessary but it depends also and especially the individual behaviors. It's no longer just a matter of turning off the lights, saving water or sorting out the waste. It is the very foundations of this society that must be rethought: consumerism and individualism.