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Crazy of cans, CanB has picked up more than 80,000 in 7 years, at the turn of the roads or streets.

Always an old bag in hand, each of her walks, each of her travels is the occasion of harvests. When she plunges into major unsorted garbage bins, it is to save its precious treasures from destruction: the word of upcycling takes its full meaning! For the more she finds them, the more she is inspired by them; it's his "food for thought".


Mastering their multiple shades, or even creating new ones through the fading sun, CanB creates works in color or monochrome, pixelated to the limit of recognition.

Developed by using computer technology to apply a principle close to Signac's chromo-luminarism, this pixelation brings a double vision of the work.

Too close, the eye is unable to recompose the image, it is the matter and the technique which take precedence. To fully understand the work, you have to take a step back or ... look at it through the prism of your Smartphone screen. The image is revealed, recognizable in its entirety.


CanB likes to install impressive works in situ, which she offers the public in ephemeral way.

However, never far from her environmental and humanist concerns, each of her works is a call to reason. Her animals are generally classified as endangered by IUCN, the children faces remind us that they are the future tenants of the planet and that it must be returned to them in the best possible condition. Even non-figurative paintings induce ecological truths.

Yet these works do not teach a lesson;

... They simply prompt the past and the present to think of future generations:


"What traces do we want to leave behind? "

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